Photo/Illutration Designs of illustrated “Detective Conan” postmarks (Provided by Japan Post Co.’s Tottori regional branch)

HOKUEI, Tottori Prefecture--Post offices here in the hometown of Gosho Aoyama, the creator of “Detective Conan,” are offering postmarks featuring Conan Edogawa, the main character of the manga series.

The town's Nakahojo, Hojo, Yura and Daiei-Seto post offices have created postal cancellation stamps tied to the globally popular manga series also known as “Case Closed.”

Each post office provides a different design featuring Conan and one of the town’s specialty foods: “rakkyo” (Chinese scallion), grapes, watermelon and “nagaimo” yam.

Representatives of the post offices said they decided to produce the special postmarks after repeatedly receiving inquires from Conan fans from across Japan asking if they had Conan-themed illustrated postmarks.

A ceremony to celebrate the start of their use was held at the Hokuei town office on Oct. 3.

“Mail is delivered across the country and overseas,” Mayor Akio Matsumoto said. “I hope (the postmarks) help promote Hokuei's charms further.”

Aoyama’s father, Hiromichi, 86, and mother, Michiko, 81, who joined the ceremony, said they were even happier than fans about the postmarks.

The postmarks can be requested at the counters of the four post offices or via the post office's “yurai” service by sending mail to the post offices.