Zombie idols will be brought back to life in the “Zombie Land Saga: Stage de Dooon!” live show that will run from March 11 to 14 in Tokyo.

The stage play will be performed seven times at the Sogetsu Hall in the Akasaka district of the capital.

The title is adapted from the “Zombie Land Saga” animated TV series.

The story focuses on a group of girls who have turned into zombies and become idol singers to revitalize Saga Prefecture.

The main visual and actresses for the seven-member idol group, Franchouchou, have been released ahead of its premiere.

The cast members include: Sakiho Motonishi as Sakura Minamoto; Yuriya Suzuki as Saki Nikaido; Rie Matsuoka as Ai Mizuno; Yuna Kitahara as Junko Konno; Mioka Sakamoto as Yugiri; Riri Takanashi as Lilly Hoshikawa; Asami Morita as Tae Yamada; and Noriyuki Ohashi as producer Kotaro Tatsumi.

Munehisa Sakai, director of the anime series, said he recommended Takanashi for the role of Lilly because she proved her dance skills when she was a motion capture model for the character in the anime’s dance sequences.

For more information, visit the official website at (https://zombielandsaga-stage.com/).

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