HOKOTA, Ibaraki Prefecture--Orders are being accepted for a limited edition of the popular Licca-chan doll wearing the uniform of a school in Ibaraki Prefecture for the first time.

The project was initiated by Ohokai, the alumni association of the prefecture-run Hokota Second High School.

The order deadline is April 30.

The school opened in 1924 as a “jikka” (practical course) girls’ high school. It changed its name to Hokota Girls’ High School in 1926 and then to Hokota Second High School in 1949.

Sailor-style dresses were adopted as the school uniform in 1946, according to school officials.

The institution became a co-ed high school in 1995, before merging with the Hokota Agricultural High School in the 2018 academic year.

Salat, a company that supports alumni associations, places orders for such special Licca-chan dolls with T-Arts Co., a group company of leading toy manufacturer Tomy Co.

Salat, based in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, has handled dolls dressed in the uniforms of 34 schools in 16 prefectures.

It can now add Ibaraki Prefecture to the list.

The emblem of Hokota Second High School features Mount Tsukubasan, a “hoko” spear, a rice paddy and a bobbin.

It will appear on the chest of the doll’s uniform, which comes in both summer and winter versions.

Ohokai is headed by Hisako Hashimoto, 79. Her husband, Sanai, also 79, was the 19th principal of the school. The couple’s eldest daughter graduated from the school.

“The project obtained unanimous approval at a general meeting of the alumni association,” Hashimoto said. “We once made a ‘furoshiki’ (traditional wrapping cloth), but it can’t be left spread out at all times. We can keep the doll on display. I’m glad that the uniform remains the same as the one we had worn.”

Only 2,000 units will be available, and sales are limited to five dolls per person.

Each doll costs 6,800 yen ($62), including tax and excluding handling fees.

Shipping is scheduled for late January 2021.

To place an order, visit the exclusive website at (https://salat.club/licca/hokotadaini/).