Photo/Illutration "Zashiki-bina" dolls cover every inch of a space in the main room of the former residence of Denemon Ito in the Kobukuro district of Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Jan. 29. The room occupies a space of 20 "tatami" straw mats. (Masahiro Kakihana)

IIZUKA, Fukuoka Prefecture--For sheer spectacle, the Iizuka Hiina no Matsuri doll festival heralding the arrival of spring is one of those must-see events.

Held annually in the Chikuho area since 2001, some 10,000 "hina" dolls and decorative items are on display at 16 venues across the city, including sightseeing spots and shopping streets.

The former residence of coal tycoon Denemon Ito serves as the main venue in the city's Kobukuro district. The main room, occupying a space measuring 20 "tatami" straw mats, features 1,100 dolls.

Some 1,900 other displays at the main venue include figurines in lace dresses produced by Irish porcelain doll maker Irish Dresden.

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List of venues and schedules

(Until March 1)
Yoshiharamachi shopping street

(Until March 3)
Tento, Honmachi, Showa-dori and Higashimachi shopping streets, as well as the Old Matsuki Shoyuya soy sauce shop

(Until March 8)
Iizuka Shinkin Bank

(Until March 10)
Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo confectionery's Iizuka outlet

(Until March 22)
Kaho Gekijo theater (closed on Wednesdays)

(Until March 24)
Former residence of Denemon Ito, Chidoriya Honke confectionery's Iizuka main store, Shin-Iizuka shopping street, Iizuka City Historical Museum, Sakaeya confectionery's main shop and Shonai health and welfare center "Harmony" (closed on the second Sunday each month)

(From March 14 to 29)
Uchinojuku post station