TAKAMATSU--A crepe stuffed with udon noodles is so popular here that its creators registered its name with the Japan Patent Office to keep others from copying it.

The hot crepes served at Annie's Crepe shop in Takamastu, Kagawa Prefecture, are filled with Sanuki udon noodles, a famous specialty of the prefecture in Shikoku island, along with salty sweet beef, scrambled egg, lettuce and mayonnaise.

The original Japanese twist to the French food is one of Annie's top 10 sellers, along with strawberry and banana cream crepes.

One “udon iri crepe” (crepe filled with udon noodles) will set a hungry buyer back 510 yen ($4.60) including tax.

A previous owner of Annie’s invented the udon crepe around 2010 while trying to come up with something to represent “Kagawa Prefecture’s soul food.”

It was expected to be popular with women, but lots of men over age 30 order the udon crepe at the shop, which is inside a Takamatsu Don Quijote outlet, according to the owner of Annie's.