The Chihayafuru Fund is already shuffling the deck to boost traditional "karuta" card game competition to fulfill the wishes of "Chihayafuru" manga creator Yuki Suetsugu.

The general incorporated association, established earlier this year, financially supported the first Chihayafuru Ogurayama Cup held at the Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts and Culture on Feb. 23.

The fund was proposed by Suetsugu to promote competitive karuta, which is the theme of her manga. Its official website was established by Comici, a community for manga artists, on Jan. 14.

The fund is aimed at spreading information on competitive karuta, supporting the management of related events and reviving and promoting “Ogura Hyakunin Isshu," a classical anthology of 100 "waka" poems by 100 poets based on which karuta cards are made.

Driven by Suetsugu's determination to return the favor to karuta, the fund is operated under the slogan of "For everyone who loves karuta." It will continue to offer financial support for karuta competition organizers.

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