Photo/Illutration More than 10 people are thought to have been infected with the coronavirus at Eiju General Hospital in Tokyo’s Taito Ward. The photo was taken on March 25. (Noriyasu Nukui)

Japan's confirmed new coronavirus infections topped 2,000 on March 25, with Tokyo reporting 41 new cases, the highest for a single day in the capital.

Japan to date has 2,019 confirmed cases of the virus, with the highest number, 212, in Tokyo.

Health authorities reported two deaths from the virus on the day, raising Japan's death toll to 55.

Hokkaido's death toll rose to seven following the death of an elderly male patient there. 

A woman in her 70s died in Aichi Prefecture, raising the prefecture's death toll to 18.

Health authorities confirmed multiple infections among staff at hospitals.

Eleven new infections were reported at Eiju General Hospital in the capital's Taito Ward, according to the Tokyo metropolitan government.

Five people including three patients had already tested positive for the virus at the hospital. One of them, a male patient in his 70s, died on March 24.

In Oita Prefecture, two nurses tested positive at the National Hospital Organization Oita Medical Center, where a group infection is thought to have occurred, raising the number of confirmed infections at the hospital to 24.

A nurse in Gunma Prefecture and a hospital staff member in Hyogo Prefecture were also confirmed to be infected.

Many of the newly reported cases were people who had recently returned to Japan from overseas.

In Chiba Prefecture, four people who had visited other countries, including Morocco and Spain, were confirmed to be infected.

In Nagasaki Prefecture, a college student who was studying in Britain and returned to Japan on March 16 tested positive.