Photo/Illutration A new piece of medical protective gear called the “hacode guard” was developed with the same technique used for making cake boxes. (Provided by Sagasiki Co.)

SAGA--As medical face shields run short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, packaging company Sagasiki Co. and Saga University Hospital have designed a disposable paper face guard as a replacement.

They jointly developed a face shield called the “hacode guard” (box guard) with the same technique the company uses to make cake boxes with transparent film to allow customers to see inside.

Users wear the foldable, single-use cardboard helmet on their heads, which, unlike normal face shields, also covers their necks and the backs of their heads.

The design allows the wearer to see through a transparent film that gives them a wide field of view.

It costs 176 yen ($1.65) per face shield, tax included. The company said it has already received many orders for their innovation.

“It is the first time we have made a box for people’s heads,” a company official said. “We are happy that it will be helpful for medical workers.”