SHIZUOKA--Mount Fuji will be off-limits during the popular summer climbing season to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Shizuoka Prefecture announced on May 18 that the three major trails in the prefecture to the summit--Fujinomiya, Gotenba and Subashiri--will close during the official season from July 10 to Sept. 10.

The announcement follows Yamanashi Prefecture’s decision to close the Yoshida trail in the prefecture on May 15.

Mountain huts for climbers will also be shuttered during the season.

“The closure of the mountain huts means that there won’t be any place for climbers to relieve themselves or have a rest,” said Shizuoka Governor Heita Kawakatsu. “Please indulge yourself with watching Mount Fuji this year and taking photos, painting pictures or reading poems on the theme of the mountain.” 

At 3,776 meters high, Mount Fuji is Japan's tallest peak.

During the closure period, Shizuoka Prefecture will repair the mountain trails and work on preventative measures against rockslides.