The 58 new COVID-19 infections confirmed in Tokyo on June 29 bring the daily average for the week to a level in which the metropolitan government is expected to request business shutdowns again.

Under guidelines to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the metropolitan government had set a 50-case daily average for a week as the threshold to ask businesses to once again close their doors.

With the June 29 tally, the average stood at 51.9, metropolitan health officials said. The total number of infections in the capital is now 6,171.

After 31 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed on June 23, Tokyo reported 55 on June 24, the first time in 50 days the figure has reached the 50 mark.

The number declined to 48 on June 25, but then rose again to 54 on June 26, 57 on June 27 and 60 on June 28, the highest since the state of emergency was lifted for Tokyo on May 25.

The metropolitan government on June 2 issued a special alert to residents to remain vigilant against the risk of infections, but it lifted it on June 11 to allow almost all industries to reopen.