Photo/Illutration Sets of a tea caddy and a teapot offered by Ujitawara-Seichajyo Co. in Ujitawara, Kyoto Prefecture (Keiji Sato)

Editor’s note: This series showcases what we are calling “kawaii” (cute) items made locally in the iconic Japanese city.

 * * *

The Ujitawara-Seichajyo Co. tea shop, founded in 1926, has teamed with popular Kyoto-based brand Sou Sou to produce tea sets that feature pop and modern Japanese designs.

The collaboration is intended to promote the charms of Japanese tea served from a teapot to young people.

A caddy containing "Koimaro-cha" tea leaves and the lid of a teapot are each available in six varieties, including the flower-themed "Hana-gasane," daisy-patterned "Kiku-zukushi" and "Matsu-wa-Matsu-rashiku," which features pine motifs.

Address: Gonokuchi, Ujitawara, Kyoto Prefecture.

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