Photo/Illutration Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike speaks at a news conference on Aug. 7. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

Tokyo confirmed 389 new novel coronavirus infections on Aug. 14, exceeding 300 for the first time since Aug. 9, officials announced.

The number of new patients announced by the Tokyo metropolitan government generally reflects the results of tests to check for COVID-19 conducted three days earlier.

The number of tests on Aug. 11, three days earlier, was 6,315 on a preliminary basis, almost the same level as the previous highest figures.

A panel of experts commissioned by the Tokyo metropolitan government on Aug. 13 maintained its assessment about the status of COVID-19 infections at the highest level on its four-level scale for a fifth consecutive week.

It says infections are spreading throughout the capital and across all age groups.

Officials said they cannot track infection routes for 64.4 percent of the patients confirmed over a one-week period through Aug. 13, saying the figure is trending upward.