Photo/Illutration Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike urges Tokyo residents to ensure they wash their hands regularly on Sept. 11 as new coronavirus infections are reportedly spreading within families. (Shinnosuke Ito)

Tokyo reported 146 new cases of COVID-19 patients on Sept. 13, the sixth consecutive day the daily count in the capital has exceeded 100, metropolitan health officials said.

Patients in their 20s made up the largest group, at 43, followed by 27 in their 30s, 25 in their 40s and 21 in their 50s.

Six patients were in their 60s, 15 in their 70s or older and nine were teenagers or younger. 

Serious cases edged up to 24 on Sept. 13, compared with 23 the day before, when there were 226 new COVID-19 infections in Tokyo.

Serious cases refer to patients requiring a ventilator or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) lung bypass machine.