Tokyo reported 195 new COVID-19 cases on Sept. 25, the same number as the day before, according to the metropolitan government.

The tally in the capital topped 100 for the second consecutive day, after falling below triple digits from Sept. 21 to Sept. 23. The lower counts over the three days may be attributable to less testing over the four-day weekend. 

Of the 195 new cases, 46 patients, the highest number, were in their 20s, followed by 40 in their 40s, 39 in their 30s, and 23 in their 50s.

Sixteen were in their 60s, while 14 were between age 10 and 19. Seven were in their 70s. Five were under age 10.

Three were in their 80s. The remaining two were in their 90s.

Government officials said the number of serious cases, those on ventilators or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, also known as an ECMO lung bypass machine, was 30, one more than the previous day.