Photo/Illutration An artist's impression of how the automobile dashboard is made transparent by projecting the landscape ahead (Provided by Kyocera Corp.)

Offering a look to the future of driving, Kyocera Corp.'s new technology renders the automobile dashboard “transparent” so the driver can have a much wider view of the road and surroundings ahead.

The system, unveiled in late September, uses the so-called optical camouflage technique by projecting the outdoor landscape on the dashboard, allowing motorists to easily detect obstacles before starting their cars.

Also rolled out the same day was the Moeye concept vehicle fitted with the transparency technology. It has eight cameras on its front to show images taken from them projected on the dashboard.

According to Kyocera, the prototype car was developed with Masahiko Inami, a human informatics professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo.