Photo/Illutration As more eating and drinking establishments reopen, an increasing number of people are seen in the Kabukicho district in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward in late October. (Nobuo Fujiwara)

Tokyo reported 204 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Oct. 30, the second consecutive day the daily figure exceeded the 200 mark.

The capital recorded 221 cases on Oct. 29.

By age, the highest number of new cases, 54, were patients in their 20s, followed by 39 in their 30s and 36 in their 40s. New patients aged 65 or older totaled 17, according to the metropolitan government. 

The number of serious cases in Tokyo stood at 31, up by two from the previous day. Tokyo defines serious cases as patients on ventilators or on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) lung bypass machines.