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Fresh newspaper under the hotel room door... Moon in Capricorn

--Romano Zeraschi (Riomaggiore, Italy)

* * *

In and out

the wave-surfer and the moon

take turns

--Anna Yin (Mississauga, Ontario)

* * *

Dark bungalow--

all those tales

in ivy walls

--Arvinder Kaur (Chandigarh, India)

* * *

Moonless night--


moves (t)hither

--T. D. Ginting (Jakarta, Indonesia)

* * *

Spring dawn

on the blackened river flowing

our shadows

--Ken Sawitri (Blora, Indonesia)

* * *

From the horizon

right into our lives--

pouring sunshine

--Dragan J. Ristic (Nis, Serbia)

* * *

Spring meadow

snoozing in the sun

a rambler

--Cordelia Klein (Germany)

* * *

On two sides forests,

in the heart the fields--

as far as you can see

--Smajil Durmisevic (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

* * *

Wild violets

children’s laughter

in the forest

--Lilia Racheva (Sofia, Bulgaria)

* * *

The green leaves

sing in euphonious voice

the spring grounds

--Fernanda Rochman Ardhana (Bandung, Indonesia)

* * *





his message from Hawaii

warm and green

--Anna Yin (Mississauga, Ontario)

An unexpected late spring storm burnishes the welcoming words the haikuist received from an island paradise. In the next haiku, Satoru Kanematsu sends a thank you message to heaven.

Verdure Day--

trees grandpa planted


Ken Friesen looks over his shoulder at the New Chitose Airport in Sapporo. Angelee Deodhar might need to stop at the Chandigarh Airport duty-free shop to look at electric appliances.

In the queue

at the airport

grandparents gradually disappear

* * *

Holiday hurry--

I leave behind

my toothbrush

Eva Limbach spent her holidays in Germany dreaming about India. Ken Sawitri disconnected and took a stress-free holiday in Blora, Indonesia.


on my cellphone the latest

yoga app

* * *

No wi-fi

I swim

and get my feet wet

A retired college professor, Horst Ludwig attended a celebration of working-class solidarity on May 1. Kiyoshi Fukuzawa thinks of his American friends, noting that back in 1915 the U.S. government delivered 60 flowering dogwood trees to Japan. Only one tree survived, but it now soars 8 meters tall out front of Tokyo Metropolitan Engei High School.

Distant May rally--

between the speeches a bird

with its tender chirp

* * *

Dogwood flowers--

the Pacific ocean

narrowed in the breeze

Deodhar heeds the call of a dry-throated bird in India. In Warsaw, Marta Chocilowska is reminded to water her garden when she gets home.

Global warming--

an open-beaked mynah

near the water bowl

* * *

Urban mural

girl with a watering can--

greenness seems to deepen

Billy Antonio tends his rose garden in Laoac, Philippines. Nika finds a wild rose in its days of glory in Victoria, British Columbia. Devin Harrison stays on the alert in Vancouver Island.

Greenery Day

the watering can’s shadow

upon the roses

* * *

Vacant lot

a rusted car frame

sports a rose

* * *

White rose

anything can happen

in this room

Elizabeth Moura kicks up her heels while vacationing at home in East Taunton, Massachusetts. Donose C. Lacramioara reads a play in Romania. Andy McLellan eyes a bushy plant that is widely cultivated for its delicious fruit. Native to Europe, the species has escaped into the wild in many regions.

Barefoot all day

on a city balcony

watching trees bloom

* * *

Love story--


climbs Juliet’s balcony

* * *


redcurrant leaves sit

naked in the sun

Ramona Linke has her eye on an old bachelor who is carefully transplanting seedlings into individual pots. The poet martin gottlieb cohen shares a two-line haiku from Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Anthony Q. Rabang waves farewell to his students in Vigan City, Philippines.

Late love--

He’s pricking out


* * *

spring break

the uneven path of a honey bee

* * *

the smell of books

and old clothes

travelling back home

Pravat Kumar Padhy turned green with envy at the sight of well-watered grasslands in India. Ian Willey stayed home in Takamatsu over the Golden Week. Ludwig salutes Prince (19582016), a musician who died last month in his home state of Minnesota.

Long meadow--

my shadow turns


* * *

Holiday at home

even that swan

headed somewhere

* * *

He flew off

with us crying in

purple rain


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David McMurray has been writing the Asahi Haikuist Network column since April 1995, first for the Asahi Evening News. He is also the editor of OUTREACH, a bi-monthly column featuring international teachers in The Language Teacher of the Japan Association for Language Teacher (JALT).

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