Photo/IllutrationGuide maps available in English, Chinese and Korean show the locations of manga and anime shops in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward. (Tomohide Yamada)

Tokyo’s Toshima Ward is promoting its status as a hub of manga and anime culture by offering two types of maps in foreign languages to guide tourists to specialty shops and other related spots.

The maps are intended for foreign tourists who visit Japan ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Public facilities, hotels and shops in Toshima Ward offer the maps. They will also be distributed at manga-related events overseas, including Taiwan.

“We want the maps to motivate foreign tourists to learn about manga culture in Toshima Ward and visit here,” a ward official said.

The Ikebukuro Otome Map, available in English, Chinese and Korean, lists about 40 anime-related shops around a street nicknamed “Otome Road,” which is lined with anime stores and other business establishments aimed at female enthusiasts. The shops are presented in categories, such as video game, cosplay and cafe.

The Tokiwa-so Manga Map, available only in English, shows locations closely associated with legendary artists, including Osamu Tezuka, Fujio Akatsuka and Shotaro Ishinomori, who lived in the Tokiwa-so wooden apartment building that once stood in the ward. The map also shows various spots featured in manga titles.