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the narrows -- that yearning to see what’s around the corner

--kjmunro (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory)

* * *

On the lake

fishing lines are cast

to the clouds

--Richard Jodoin (Montreal, Quebec)

* * *

Not one frog

on the lily pads

this heat

--Bruce Ross (Hampden, Maine)

* * *

Our old lake

contaminated with her disease

after years

--Goran Gatalica (Zagreb, Croatia)

* * *

Rain showers

muddy rivers rush

castle stones

--Iris (Matsuyama, Ehime)

* * *


breaking the surface

slow river

--Doc Sunday (Hiroshima)

* * *

The spring rain--

two mallards fly home

in full colors

--Mario Massimo Zontini (Parma, Italy)

* * *

Rain since morning--

family of swallows

stayed at home

--Evgeny Ivanov (Moscow, Russia)

* * *

Summer night thunder

echoing from the mountains

across Lake Tahoe

--Beate Conrad (Waterford, Michigan)

* * *

Port departure--

seven evenings of life

on the open sea

--Goran Gatalica (Zagreb, Croatia)




Boat trip

along the Loreley

arm in arm we sing

--Rita Rosen (Wiesbaden, Germany)

The haikuist enjoys the sheer joy of life cruising past monasteries and castles through sunny vineyards on the banks of the Rhine River. Unable to sing at the time, Jeanne Jorgensen wrote this one-line haiku in Edmonton, Alberta: Mountain waterfall takes my breath away.

Zuzanna Truchlewska is proud of the beautiful clear lakes in Mazuria, Poland, a land of a thousand lakes she says, “where the forested terrain is rather hilly, with connecting lakes, rivers and streams.” Wieslaw Karlinski spent a dog day afternoon on vacation in Poland.

Sandy shore

white sail on the distant


* * *

Lazy afternoon

unpunished, mosquito

on my foot

Isao Soematsu questions how waves can be formed without wind. Amy Losak shares a poem by the late Sydell Rosenberg.

High waves offshore

during the dog days--

end of summer

* * *

Airless summer days

iridesce the silver throat

of my tea kettle.

After watching the three-act ballet of Ondine, Azi Kuder dreams of a water nymph in Gdynia, Poland. Usually found in forest pools or waterfalls, these water spirits have soft feminine voices that can sometimes be heard over the sound of water. Marjorie Buettner says she’s enthralled with the birth of a granddaughter in Chisago City, Minnesota.

By the pond

Ondine braids silky hair

frog trio

* * *

Rocking the baby--

full moon rising

over the lake

Pravat Kumar Padhy rejoices at the sight of a few sparkling drops of water in Bhubaneswar, India. Diksha Sharma loves the smell of the first rain after an extended period of warm, dry weather in Delhi. Craig W. Steele sniffs a breeze from Pennsylvania pasturelands. Satoru Kanematsu prays for respite in Nagoya.

Summer sun

the flying crow lifts

sprinkles of water

* * *

Harsh July sun

barren desert striving for

petrichor scent

* * *

Dairy cows

graze the next-door pasture

earthy incense wafts

* * *

Summer heat

Japan’s burning red

weather map

John Parsons visited a cottage in Norfolk, U.K. Patrick Sweeney heard strange music in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture. Grace Stroer-Jarvis sang to herself in Ripon, England.

Cliff top blackbirds

a whiff of shanty

in their song

* * *

In the deep crisis

of the black squid’s beak


* * *

Head phones on

suddenly realize

I’m singing “Adele”

Catfish McDaris shares a jazzy haiku he titled “jungle.”

Elephant trumpet

saxophones in Amsterdam

stand-up bass thumping

Angelee Deodhar celebrates a Hindu festival in honor of the elephant-headed god, Ganesha, that is dipped in lakes at this time of year.

Ganesh Chaturthi--

the immersed idol re-surfaces

amidst sand and debris

Mohammad Azim Khan describes a cleansing ritual performed before prayer in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Liberated mountains . ..

the lake where the Talibans

performed ablution

In West Burke, Vermont, Judith Hishikawa helped a student to research how to clone dinosaurs, explaining “He plans to keep one in a lake.” Writing from Lake Erie, Craig W. Steele knows yawning is contagious. Writing from Kenya, Mercy Ikuri wonders what lurks inside our bodies. Writing from Warsaw, Ernest Wit holds on to something unspeakable.

Defrosting mammoths--

what viruses

lurk here?

* * *

Rosy-cheeked dawn--

I prevent the spread

of a viral yawn

* * *

Tethered boats

all the things

we harbor

* * *

Harboring a grudge

at the bottom of the heart

the dead calm at sea

Devin Harrison might have spotted a pod of black and white killer whales in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island, Canada. Ecaterina Neagoe spent a week on the Black Sea.


over a fetch of ocean

dorsal fins

* * *

On the sea, the night

is turning into sapphire--

the same sun


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McMurray's books include: "Canada Project in Kyushu" Vol. 1 (2006) - Vol. 7 (2011), Pukeko: Fukuoka; "Haiku in English as a Japanese Language" (2003), Pukeko: Kitakyushu; and "Hospital Departmental Operations--A Guide for Trustees and Managers," Canadian Hospital Association: Ottawa, Canada.