The wacky misadventures of maverick police officer “Ryo-san” will come to an end with the final chapter of the “Kochikame” manga series that started its weekly run in 1976.

Manga artist Osamu Akimoto announced on Sept. 3 that he will wrap up “Kochikame,” whose official title is “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujyo” (This is the police box in front of the Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward).

Akimoto, 63, wants to work on a different manga series.

The final episode will appear in the edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump comic anthology, published by Shueisha Inc., which comes out on Sept. 17.

On the same day, the 200th volume of the book version, which also includes the final episode, will be published.

“The 200th volume of a comic book is like a medal of honor for a manga artist,” Akimoto said. “A perfect ending is for Ryo-san to leave the stage, being celebrated for the 40th anniversary (of the series) and leaving the 200 volumes behind him.”

“Kochikame” features the uproars caused by the warmhearted but buffoonish Kankichi Ryotsu, nicknamed Ryo-san, while he works at a police station in an old downtown district of Tokyo.

Akimoto has never suspended the manga during its 40-year run on the Weekly Shonen Jump. The 199 volumes already published have sold a total of more than 140 million copies.