Photo/IllutrationA "Pokemon Go" player finds a pokemon. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

More Japanese have played “Pokemon Go” than any other mobile game app in history since its release this summer, according to an extensive survey on video games.

The measure of the phenomenally popular game’s success was published on Nov. 24 in the Famitsu Mobile Game Hakusho 2017 (Famitsu game app white paper 2017).

The number of respondents who had ever played "Pokemon Go" surpassed those of other well-established game titles, such as “Puzzle & Dragons.”

The report is the first to be produced specifically on game apps for smartphones or tablet computers by Famitsu, a game magazine publisher and game information website operator, owned by Kadokawa Dwango Corp.

According to the paper, the global market of game apps in 2015 was worth over 3.6 trillion yen ($32 billion). By country, Japan had the largest market, worth 945.4 billion yen, followed by the United States and China.

The white paper also included the results of an online survey conducted in Japan asking the names of game apps people had ever played or spent money playing, which garnered about 13,000 valid responses.