Photo/IllutrationAn artist’s rendition of Legoland Japan at its completion (Provided by Legoland Japan Ltd.)

NAGOYA--With all the bricks falling into place, Legoland Japan, a theme park scheduled to be opened here in April 2017, has completed 80 percent of its facilities and will be employing more than 600 staff members, the park’s operator reported Nov. 25.

The first outdoor theme park to be built in Japan by the manufacturer of Lego, the toy building bricks of Danish origin, is expected to attract 2 million visitors during its first year of operation.

Outdoor Legoland theme parks are being operated in Denmark and elsewhere, with the park in Nagoya to be the eighth of its kind. They differ from Legoland Discovery Centers, which are indoor establishments, with one opened in Tokyo in 2012.

The 9.3-hectare grounds of Legoland Japan are expected to house more than 40 attractions, including a roller coaster, and buildings replicated with Lego plastic bricks.

The target of 2 million visitors during the initial year of business is equivalent to only one-15th the number of visitors in fiscal 2015 to Tokyo Disney Resort in Chiba Prefecture, and one-seventh the corresponding figure for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

“The figure is probably based on a level-headed appraisal of the population and market size of the Tokai region (where Nagoya is located),” said Katsuya Uchida of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co.