Tokyo Metro Co. on Jan. 11 unveils a special train resembling the original 1000 series introduced in 1927 on the Ginza Line. (Yasuhiro Sugimoto)

To celebrate the 90th birthday of the Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Co. plans to run a special train that recreates the vibe of the 1000 series that ran the rails when the subway opened in 1927.

The six-car train, which was unveiled Jan. 11, boasts the old-fashioned interior, featuring wood-grain walls, a chestnut-colored floor and window frames, and green seats.

With brass-colored handrails and hanging straps from back in the day, the special train oozes nostalgia.

The train will run on the Ginza Line from late January, while another will run from mid-March. The special train can also be spotted at 90th anniversary events hosted by Tokyo Metro.

The Ginza Line started operating as Japan’s first full-scale subway in December 1927 on a 2.2-kilometer section between Asakusa and Ueno, both in the capital's Taito Ward.

The 1000 series trains were used for about 40 years until 1968.

Most cars currently running on the Ginza Line reflect the heritage of the 1000 series cars in that they have a yellow body.

On the recreated train, auxiliary lights shaped in the old style have also been installed.