Photo/IllutrationMandarin ducks display their beauty at the Hinogawa river in Hino, Tottori Prefecture, on the morning on Jan. 9. (Hikaru Uchida)

HINO, Tottori Prefecture--Hundreds of colorful ducks have checked into the Hinogawa river here for their winter stay.

Visitors can view the gorgeously colored mandarin ducks up close as they gather at the riverside near an observation hut in the mornings and early evenings.

While females are dark brown, males have a red beak and their wings boast a ravishing array of colors in winter.

About a thousand ducks turn up at the river before heading north in March, according to the Hinocho Oshidori Group (Hino mandarin duck group), a local entity that manages and operates the hut.

The mandarin duck is designated as Hino’s town bird as well as Tottori’s prefectural bird.