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Here's a stop press announcement: The official title for the 14th installment in the long-running “Pretty Cure” animated TV series is ... “Kirakira Precure a la Mode.”

The magical girl anime series will mark its 14th anniversary in 2017, having made its debut with the “Pretty Cure” in 2004. Featuring princesses and witches, the series has proven wildly popular among young girls.

The official website has also revealed the catch phrase for the newest series, “Cook! Eat! Fight!”

Details have yet to be revealed, but the words “a la Mode” and the tagline suggest that it is themed on food, most likely sweets and fruits.

The “Precure” series is also known for casting some of the most sought-after voice actresses at the present time.

“Kirakira Precure a la Mode” will start in February.

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