About 1,800 dolls are carefully placed on a 7-meter-tall “hinadan” pyramid of 31 red-carpeted tiers at the Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall in Konosu, Saitama Prefecture, on Feb. 16. (Video taken by Shiro Nishihata)

KONOSU, Saitama Prefecture--“Hina” doll fans will be in seventh heaven at the sight of a 7-meter-high “hinadan” pyramid--Japan’s tallest--set up at a mall here for Hina Matsuri, the traditional Girls' Day festival.

About 1,800 hina dolls from all over the country were carefully placed on each of the hinadan’s 31 red-carpeted tiers at the Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall on Feb. 16.

Nineteen carpenters, tethered for safety, were in charge of placing the dolls on the upper shelves, while about 60 volunteers placed dolls one by one on the lower levels at the festival’s main venue.

The city launched the festival, which is celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, to raise its profile as a traditional hina doll producer with a history stretching back about 380 years.

Around 10,000 hina dolls will be showcased at six venues in the city altogether.

Konosu’s Hina-matsuri festival runs from Feb. 17 through March 12, with the main event taking place on March 3.