Photo/Illutration(c) Y.Nishizaki/STARBLAZERS2202 Production Committee

Skymark Airlines Inc. is set to launch the “Space Battleship Yamato”-themed jet on Feb. 25 in tandem with the release of the latest film based on the classic sci-fi anime series.

The Boeing 737-800 is illustrated with main characters Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori as well as an image of the spacecraft from “Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi” (Warriors of love).

Based on the “Space Battleship Yamato” TV anime series, also known as “Star Blazers,” the first of the seven-chapter film series will start a two-week run on Feb. 25 at 15 theaters across the country.

The theme song of the previous two-part film, “Space Battleship Yamato 2199,” will be played when passengers board and disembark from the specially themed jet. Special headrest covers on the plane will feature the anime characters and the spaceship.

Used on all the airliner’s routes, the Yamato jet will continue in operation until the summer of 2018.

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