More than 800 children and teachers suffered from suspected food poisoning at seven elementary schools in Tachikawa on the outskirts of Tokyo, the city’s education board said Feb. 18.

Five of them have been admitted to hospital.

Officials at the Tama Tachikawa public health center, part of the Tokyo metropolitan government, said they suspect the children and teachers became ill after eating the same meal provided by a Tachikawa-supported cooking facility on Feb. 17.

The center conducted an on-the-spot investigation at the facility on the morning of Feb. 18. The Tachikawa city education board has suspended meals delivered by the facility pending the investigation.

According to the education board, 788 students and 47 teachers complained of stomach aches and vomiting between the evening of Feb. 17 and 5 p.m. on Feb. 18.

Roughly 2,800 children attend the seven municipal schools, and they had the same lunch menu on Feb. 17.

The board has asked children and teachers at the affected schools to bring lunch boxes for five days from Feb. 20.

The Ninth Elementary School, where more than 200 children and adults complained about suspected food poisoning, will be closed on Feb. 20.