A live musical adaptation of the globally popular “Sailor Moon“ franchise will be staged in the United States for the first time in April, the Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association has announced.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical-Amour Eternal” will be presented as a special performance during the Anime Matsuri convention, which will be held April 7-9 in Houston.

The special version will feature characters from the franchise including nine Sailor Guardians and the Tuxedo Mask. With April 7 officially recognized as International Sailor Moon Day by the Texan city, the special stage is expected to be one of the main highlights of the convention.

Dubbed “2.5-D musicals,” live stage shows based on popular 2-D manga, anime and video game titles have become popular in recent years. In 2016 alone, more than 100 2.5 musicals were presented in Japan. The first-ever arena show edition, “Dragon Quest Live Spectacle Tour” was staged in five cities and attracted 310,000 spectators.

Performed by the Japanese cast members, “Live Spectacle Naruto,” “Touken Ranbu: The Musical” and other titles were taken to China, Malaysia and elsewhere in Asia, also in 2016.

“Boys Over Flowers: The Musical” started its run in February in South Korea featuring South Korean cast members.

For more information about the “Sailor Moon” musical, visit Anime Matsuri’s official website at (https://www.animematsuri.com/7141/anime-matsuri-announces-pretty-guardian-sailor-moon-the-musical-for-2017/).

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