Photo/IllutrationTDK Corp.'s PiezoHapt Actuator (Provided by TDK Corp.)

Smartphones are set to get even slimmer, thanks to an ultra-thin new vibration device developed by electronics parts manufacturer TDK Corp.

The product, called the PiezoHapt Actuator, is made of a ceramic sheet only about 0.35 millimeter thick.

At only one-tenth of the thickness of existing products on the market, the vibration panel is also likely to change future designs of touchpads, game consoles and wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Existing vibration devices for smartphones contain a small motor and are generally around 3 mm thick. They can only vibrate in the place where the motor is attached.

The newly developed device, however, is motor-less and comes in the form of a thin plate, which vibrates all over when electrified.

For gaming consoles, the virtual reality experience may become even more realistic with the PiezoHapt Actuator, as the controller that the player holds would vibrate directly.