Girls and their mothers enjoy the traditional water parade in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, on March 19. (Video taken by Chisato Yokota)

YANAGAWA, Fukuoka Prefecture--Twelve boats carrying girls decked out in gorgeous kimono, like their mothers, glided gracefully along a canal here March 19 as part of the annual water parade.

The dozen “donkobune” boats departed from the Okinohatamachi district along with a troupe performing traditional “gagaku” music in the “Ohinasama Suijo Parade” (Girls water parade).

They went 4 kilometers down the waterway to Mihashira-jinja shrine.

The girls and mothers, all wearing light makeup to complement their outfits, waved to family members and tourists who watched them from bridges and roads in a city that is noted for its boat tours.