Photo/IllutrationA man chants sutras April 16 at a railway crossing in Kawasaki where two men were struck and killed by a train the previous day. (Takeshi Kawai)

KAWASAKI--Security camera footage showed a man trying to rescue an elderly stranger apparently with dementia from an oncoming train here, but the attempt ended in the deaths of both individuals, police said.

The train struck and killed the two men at a crossing near Hatcho-nawate Station on the Keikyu Line on April 15.

According to police, a man believed to be in his 70s exited a taxi in front of the station and walked inside the crossing just past 9 a.m. The warning light had already started to flash.

A 52-year-old bank employee from Yokohama who had crossed the junction from the opposite side saw the elderly man on the tracks. The younger man spoke and waved his hands to the elderly man for about 10 seconds, trying to alert him to the approaching danger, the security camera footage showed.

When that failed, the banker entered the crossing under the gate.

The train’s driver said the would-be rescuer put his hands around the older man’s lower back and tried to direct him to safety. But the outbound limited express train could not stop in time.

Police found a driver's license of a man in his 70s who lives nearby and has shown symptoms of dementia.

They added that they do not believe the two men knew each other.