The prototype of a new EV supercar GLM-G4, domestically produced by a Kyoto-based start-up, is shown for the first time to the media in Tokyo on April 18. (Masato Sato)

A prototype electric supercar billed as a “yacht on the road” and a shining example of Japanese manufacturing was unveiled in Tokyo on April 18.

The GLM-G4, from start-up firm GLM Co., is a scissor-doored four-seater luxury electric vehicle (EV) with a top speed of 250 kph.

“I want to create supercars with sophisticated details that are full of Japanese technology,” said GLM President Hiroyasu Koma at the event.

The car is expected to retail for 40 million yen ($367,000), and the company aims to sell 1,000 units in Japan and markets such as Europe, China and the Middle East.

The company plans to start test drives on the car before bringing it to the market by 2019.

GLM is jointly developing the vehicle’s key parts, such as its motor and battery, with leading electronics companies.

Koma founded GLM in 2010 when he was a graduate student at Kyoto University. It had 22 employees as of the end of March.

GLM began selling EV sports cars in 2014, and it aims to grow into a global company in the vein of U.S.-based EV maker Tesla Inc.

(This article was compiled from reports by Junichi Kamiyama and Shinya Kitabayashi)