Photo/IllutrationThe huge atrium is a major feature of Ginza Six, a new commercial complex that opened in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward on April 20. (Ryo Ikeda)

  • Photo/Illustraion

Tokyo’s newest and smartest shopping mall got off to a roaring start on its first day of trading, with around 2,500 people flocking into Ginza Six as soon as the doors opened.

The sparkling commercial complex in posh shopping district Ginza opened April 20 on the site of the former Matsuzakaya Ginza department store, which closed in June 2013.

On display in the facility are art objects created by globally renowned avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama. Customers took snapshots of the art with their smartphones.

The vast mall occupies two of the building’s six basement levels, plus the first six floors above ground, and part of the 13th floor.

Retail highlights include a massive branch of Tsutaya Books on the sixth floor. The shop specializes in the arts, stocks 60,000 books and showcases various artworks.

At a tourist information center on the ground floor, foreign tourists milled about, asking staff for the location of the currency exchange counter.

Food shops and stores on the second basement level was packed throughout the day. Salivating shoppers waited in long lines to snap up the culinary objects of their desire, such as freshly baked breads and a special caramel custard pudding making its Tokyo debut.

A rooftop garden offered a tranquil resting space for shoppers in need of a recharge.

“I have so many memories of my late mother in Ginza. It’s nice to see how the area has transformed,” said a 68-year-old woman from the capital’s Taito Ward in the rooftop garden.

Meanwhile on the third basement level, a new Noh theater officially opened, celebrating the arrival of Ginza Six as a new landmark in the famed district.