The eagerly anticipated “Berserk 2” animated TV series started its latest run on MBS, TBS and their affiliated networks on April 7.

Prior to the premiere, a compilation special of the 12-episode first season, which ended in September 2016, was aired by satellite broadcaster Wowow Inc. on March 3.

The original “Berserk” was a dark fantasy manga series about Guts, aka the Black Swordsman, who wields a gigantic sword. Written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura, the manga started serialization in Hakusensha Inc.’s Young Animal comic anthology in 1989.

The series was initially adapted into an anime series in 1997, before the “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc” animated film trilogy was launched in 2011.

Hiroaki Iwanaga, who previously played Guts, and other main voice cast members from the first season are reprising their roles.

Original author Miura serves as chief supervisor for the anime adaptation, with Shin Itagaki continuing to direct the series produced by GEMBA and Millepensee studios.

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