A drone developed by NTT Docomo Inc. is enveloped by a spherical image of the Earth during a test flight in Tokyo on April 20. (Provided by NTT Docomo Inc.)

Mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo Inc. has developed a world-first drone that can display spherical images around its body during flight.

It projects images that are about 75 centimeters in diameter and appear to be floating off the ground. Letters and videos can be also displayed.

Docomo said the drone has the potential to make advertisements in event halls more appealing or add to the attraction of live events, like concerts.

The drone weighs about 3.5 kilograms. Its frame has eight LED-embedded supports, which revolve three times a second, resulting in the spherical images.

In an experiment held in Tokyo on April 20, images of Earth or Docomo’s logo were displayed.

As the drone is a test model, it can fly only for several minutes at present. However, that will likely change in the future, according to Docomo, which said it will be possible to fly drones in formation.

The development costs of the drone came to about 10 million yen ($91,700).