Scoring an intoxicating success with its sake-flavored KitKats, Nestle Japan Ltd. will again spike its chocolate biscuit bar with the traditional Japanese rice wine this fall.

Using sake lees from a famous brewer, Nestle Japan plans to market a new version of sake-flavored KitKat in September.

A similar KitKat released last year was popular among customers.

The company expects the new product to be bought not only by Japanese but foreign visitors as a souvenir.

In 2004, Nestle Japan began selling its KitKat featuring Uji “matcha” green powdered tea. The firm has since released more than 10 types of products based on matcha.

Sales of those products rose by more than 20 percent in 2015 from the previous year, as Japan saw a surge in the number of overseas tourists and many bought them as souvenirs.

Taking advantage of growing demand for foods using traditional Japanese ingredients, Nestle Japan decided to develop a new product featuring sake as the successor to its matcha-themed chocolate bars.

The move came as sake quickly rises in popularity overseas.

The new version of KitKat comprises sheets of wafer and powder made from sake between them. Its package bears an illustration of a sake bottle and sakura cherry blossom petals.

Containing 0.8 percent of alcohol, the KitKat product allows consumers to enjoy the light flavor of sake and has already proven popular.