An H-2A rocket carrying the Quasi-Zenith Satellite Michibiki No. 2 lifts off on June 1. (The Asahi Shimbun)

MINAMITANE, Kagoshima Prefecture—An H-2A rocket not only put a satellite in orbit, it also carried into outer space a logo designed by the production team of the popular “Neon Genesis Evangelion” animated series.

The circular logo with a diameter of about 3 meters appeared on the side of the No. 34 rocket, which was launched on June 1.

The rocket’s payload was the Quasi-Zenith Satellite Michibiki No. 2.

The Cabinet Office solicited logo entries for the launch, and the design of production company Khara Inc., headed by “Evangelion” director Hideaki Anno, was chosen.

The purple-themed design was suggestive of the Evangelion Unit-01 robot from the anime. The logo also featured Michibiki’s signature eight-shaped orbit in the center.

The concept design was developed by the anime’s mechanical designer, Ikuto Yamashita, with Anno supervising the project, according to the studio.

The logo will also be used for the Michibiki No. 3 and No. 4 scheduled for liftoff later this year.