Winner Yuki Sasaki, 22, a 5-dan player, and Sota Fujii, 14, a 4-dan player, answer questions from reporters after their match on July 2 at the Shogi Kaikan hall in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward on July 2. (Video by Tsubasa Setoguchi)

“Shogi” Japanese chess sensation Sota Fujii’s historic winning streak came to an end when he fell to 5-dan player Yuki Sasaki, 22, on July 2.

The defeat meant the nation’s youngest professional crashed out in the second round of the Ryuo final tournament at Shogi Kaikan hall in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.

Fujii, 14, who had never lost an official match since debuting as a pro in December, broke the 30-year-old record for the most consecutive wins in an official shogi match on June 26, his 29th.

“Sasaki made quick and shrewd moves. He overpowered me,” Fujii said after the tense 11-and-a-half hour match.

“Winning streaks always end someday. It can’t be helped,” Fujii added.

However, the prodigy also had regrets.

“It’s a pity that I lost without reaching that crucial moment in the match (where I could seek an advantage). I was completely defeated,” he said. “I will continue striving to win each match.”