Home-delivery services are facing manpower shortages but fear not, robots are taking up the challenge, with sushi deliveries first on the menu.

A prototype of a food delivery robot named CarriRo Delivery was unveiled July 13 in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.

Food delivery service company Ride On Express Co., which delivers the sushi of the Gin no Sara stores, and robot venture company ZMP Inc. showed how capable CarriRo Delivery is.

The robot with an adorable face is 109 centimeters in height, 133 cm in length and 75 cm wide, and moves at up to 6 kph while viewing its environment through sensors and cameras. Upon arrival, CarriRo Delivery announces via smartphone that it is at the front of the home.

It is assumed that only customers who live a short distance of 1 or 2 kilometers from the store will use the service.

Ride On Express and ZMP plan to start experimenting with the robots in August. First, they will test it on private property because it is prohibited to let a robot move independently in a pedestrian area under current laws. After that, they will request the government to ease regulations to allow the robot to deliver food.

Similar projects using cutting-edge technology are now being pursued one after another nationwide due to the serious manpower shortage in the home-delivery service industry.