AI-installed robots play soccer at the international event RoboCup 2017 at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall on July 27. (Video footage by Satoru Ogawa)

NAGOYA--Robot admirers and experts from around the world gathered here on July 27 for Robocup 2017, the annual international robot sports tournament, which Nagoya last hosted for its inaugural edition in 1997.

The event, which continues through July 30, features an array of artificial intelligence-installed robots playing various sports.

Around 3,000 human participants from 42 countries and regions are gathered at the two venues, Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Portmesse Nagoya) and Teva Ocean Arena.

All eyes are on the AI robots as they compete in five events including soccer.

RoboCup also features a robot exhibition and workshops. General admission is 1,200 yen ($11), or free for visitors high school age and under.

The city’s event committee said it aims to attract about 100,000 visitors over the duration of the tournament.