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inner-city blues summer heat dripping off popsicles

--pamela a. babusci (Rochester, New York)

* * *

city beach

parasols pop--

mushrooms after rain

--Slobodan Pupovac (Zagreb, Croatia)

* * *

Water guns--

let not these children

go to war

--Satoru Kanematsu (Nagoya)

* * *

young campers stop

waiting for the chameleon

to turn green

--Mercy Ikuri (Narok, Kenya)

* * *


after all the camouflaging

settles in greenness

--Adjei Agyei-Baah (Kumasi, Ghana)

* * *

warm day

he calls me


--Tiffany Shaw-Diaz (Dayton, Ohio)

* * *

great grandmother

speaks seven languages . ..

the Occupations

--Michael H. Lester (Los Angeles, California)

* * *

Honeymoon photo--

the Etruscan tombs

in ripe wheat

--Margherita Petriccione (Scauri, Italy)

* * *

wedding night

a pair of goats climb

the highest mountain

--Jennifer Hambrick (Worthington, Ohio)

* * *


for the other magpie

second honeymoon

--Lee Nash (Poitou-Charentes, France)

* * *




Ferragosto . ..

Italian overwhelms

the main street

--Slobodan Pupovac (Zagreb, Croatia)

The haikuist summers by the Adriatic Sea. Aug. 15 marks the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary that starts Italy’s holiday season when tourists ferry over in droves. Margherita Petriccione records the local accent spoken in her little town by the Tyrrhenian Sea near Scauri, Italy.

summer in the city--

in the answering machine

my country’s dialect

Ann Magyar’s grandparents were in their teens when they immigrated by ship to the United States from Hungary in the early 1900s. Mike Gallagher worked four decades in London before retiring to Kerry, Ireland. He says he’s “always felt that emigration was (and is) a form of betrayal visited on us by an establishment that was quite happy to see us go.”

leaving their home

and language behind

and yet . ..

* * *

migrant dad

a bicycle

on the bus

Angela Giordano loves it when everyone else leaves “on vacation and the streets of the city are half empty.” Avigliano in the mountainous south of Italy transforms into a cool haven each summer. She says even the newly arrived migrants don’t seem to find it too hot. Luciana Moretto admits she might be feeling spiteful that Treviso, Italy, has attracted a chorus of emotions and intense story-singing.

Exodus, in the city

only migrants around

in the solleone

* * *


in the square--

a social evening

Lilia Racheva listens to a music festival in Rousse, Bulgaria. Richard Jodoin received an invitation to a mysterious and highly secret “Dinner in White” event in Montreal. Guests are only informed of the location at the last minute and must come dressed in whites to the festive feast. The haikuist may have shown up at the wrong location, but he certainly did find fowl and people who travel to different places.

summer rock

gulls squawking

in the square

* * *

Closed public market

gulls and hobos meeting

Diner en Blanc

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo tries to help tourists who have lost their way in the Netherlands. Charlie Smith goes global in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Teiichi Suzuki admits he “wept during Phantom of The Opera.” After the musical, his hotel should have only been a 20-minute walk from Broadway.

The Hague, five p.m.--

Japanese tourists

lost in translation

* * *

outdoor cafe

international menu

no subtitles

* * *

After the Phantom

on the way to the hotel

my shadow wanders

Jodoin chats with mom by her vanity mirror. Alexey Andreev smiles with grandma in Moscow. Satoru Kanematsu lip synchs Charles Trenet’s (1913-2001) hit chanson, “La mer qu’on voit danser . . .”

Mother talks about

their 1954 honeymoon

moisturizing cream

* * *

summer in Moscow--

what a bright lipstick

granny wears

* * *

My old lips

remember “la mer”

Marine Day

Hambrick spent the afternoon in a downtown coffee shop. Oh my, oh my, it is hot today in Cebu, Philippines, implies Enrique Garrovillo. Maria Teresa Sisti plunked her leather tote right down on the beach near Massa Carrara, Italy.


for their lattes

she smells the 10-dollar bill

* * *

changing my order

to iced americano

summer heato

* * *


my bag smells

of sand and salt

Dejan Pavlinovic ears ring in Pula, Croatia. Having lived many years in Rome, Elisa Allo claims she knows “well the heat of the city.”

the sound of traffic

deafened by the sound of

a mosquito

* * *

car queue . ..

closing my eyes

the buzzing of bees

During rush hour in Indonesia, Ken Sawitri sees all sorts of vehicles squeezing down the same street: trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, bikes, pedicabs, and her traditional favorite, horse-drawn carriages. Philippine horse-drawn carriages idly wait for tourists in Vigan, reports Anthony Q. Rabang. Sweet corn is one of the most popular ice cream flavors sold by street vendors in the Philippines. Melanie Vance celebrates the corn harvest in Dallas, Texas. The streets of Gornje Vrapce, Croatia, scream ice cream at Tomislav Maretic. Iris rhymed two lines to emphasize reflections in crowded shopping malls on Saturdays in Matsuyama.

traffic jam

no need to honk--

the clippety-clop of the horse shoes!

* * *

cobbled street--

a horse licks

the ice cream spill

* * *

vanilla ice cream

in the tulip glass

corn moon

* * *

sultry evening--

the ice creams walk

in opposite directions

* * *

Saturday maple leaves

reflect Yoichi’s light--

downtown night

Nash was inspired by Mona Caron’s artistic movement to crack city cement, to reconnect the earth to the sky and let water reach the weeds in these urban heat islands.

new weeds

spring up in the city

painting the margins

Isao Soematsu finds peace. Oleander was the first flower to rise up and blossom after an atomic bomb scorched the earth in Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Romano Zeraschi prays for the explosion-affected persons.

Old oleander

blooms in the temple yard


* * *

Two suns

endless shadows . ..


Michael H. Lester implies it’s hot enough to cook an omelet on the pavement in Los Angeles. Paul Geiger may have seen a similar phenomenon in San Francisco. Avinash Agrawal recalls long hot summer afternoons growing up in New Delhi.

summer heat wave . ..

sushi bars make tamago

on the sidewalk

* * *

homeless man

on the sidewalk

an egg frying

* * *

Hot afternoon . ..

Monopoly game

Millionaire kids

Margherita Petriccione finds respite from the heat in Italy. Each time night-scented stock blooms in summer, Marta Chocilowska recalls her first date in Warsaw. Goran Gatalica doesn’t regret becoming a father in Zagreb, Croatia.


like a clear sky

chicory flowers

* * *

on the first date

touching my hair, the scent

of matthiola

* * *

midsummer heat--

but our cry-baby

brings us joy

Garrovillo hangs out the washing. Dejan Pavlinovic can’t even lift a finger in Pula, Croatia. Marie Jeanne Sakhinis-De Meis has a midsummer night’s dream in Avignon, France. Isao Soematsu wishes upon a star in Nagoya.

pomp and circumstance

on the clothes line hang

my summer attire

* * *

siesta . ..

too hot to reach

for some water

* * *

On the deckchair

dreamy summer night

with Shakespeare

* * *

Shooting star--

making a hurried wish

hand in hand

Dorota Ocinska peers down a dark hole in Lodz, Poland. Debbie Strange reports, “We are sweltering here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with record-breaking temperatures.” Valentina Ranaldi-Adams has no work to do in Fairlawn, Ohio. Yutaka Kitajima counts a line of blackbirds in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture.

hot day

murmurs in the shadow of the well

ball plays with a ball

* * *

blazing sun . ..

a goose shields goslings

with her wings

* * *

beaver standing

by the roadside--

city without streams

* * *

High summer

a row of sparrows

in the shade

Marek Kozubek headed south to escape the heat in Bangkok, Thailand. Christof Blumentrath hears a rippling pond in Germany. Hidehito Yasui was just about to snore when a thunderhead bolted from out of the blue skies over the Seto Inland Sea. Antonio Mangiameli took his family to the Sicilian coast near Lentini, Italy. Singing a nursery rhyme, they danced in circles until they all fell down in the sand. Lilia Racheva spins in circles with slender-necked dancers in Rousse, Bulgaria.

summer sea--

hot breeze in her hair

wave after wave

* * *

summer night

from the rowboat

a ripple of giggling

* * *

Fishing boat

siesta interrupted--

distant rumbling

* * *

children on the beach

ring a-ring o’roses . ..

imperfect circles

* * *


poppy dance

in the field

Marcy Clements took her family to Talkeetna and Mount Denali in Alaska.


the sun goes down late

later than late

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