Photo/IllutrationThe Jupiter wooden roller coaster ride at the Kijima Kogen Park (Azumi Fukuoka)

BEPPU, Oita Prefecture--One worker was killed and another injured on Aug. 12 after being struck by an empty roller coaster due to an apparent miscommunication.

The two workers checking the tracks at the Kijima Kogen Park amusement park here fell to the ground two meters below.

The accident occurred while testing a second set of cars on the Jupiter ride, which was introduced to the park in 1992 as Japan's first wooden roller coaster.

The two workers were communicating by radio with the roller coaster operator stationed at the start of the ride. Park officials believe there was insufficient communication between the two sides.

According to officers of the Beppu Police Station, Takashi Okubo, 44, was killed and another 45-year-old man was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

The Jupiter normally operates a single set of six cars, with each car holding four passengers. An increase of park visitors led to the decision to operate a second set of cars, and the two workers were inspecting the tracks before the operation begins.

Okubo was an employee of the company commissioned to provide maintenance for the roller coaster while the injured worker was employed by the park operator.

The Jupiter, which has a total distance of 1.6 kilometers, is made up of 60,000 pine lumber pieces. A new set of cars was introduced in July. Park officials said the Jupiter ride would be suspended for the time being.