East Japan Railway Co.'s luxury sleeper train Shiki-Shima starts moving after it was involved in a fatal accident in Gosen, Niigata Prefecture, early on Aug. 13. (Video provided by a reader)

GOSEN, Niigata Prefecture--The luxury sleeper Train Suite Shiki-Shima ran over and killed a man lying on the tracks before dawn on Aug. 13.

Police are investigating how Makoto Abe, 38, a company employee from Niigata city, ended up on the rails of the Banetsu West Line.

He had been at a party in Gosen with friends from his junior high school days, and they parted ways after midnight. Abe’s family home is in the city.

East Japan Railway Co. reported to police around 3:40 a.m. that the train hit a person.

“I applied the brakes after spotting a person lying on the rails, but I could not stop in time,” police quoted the driver of the train as saying.

The train, featuring lavish rooms and posh dining and viewing areas, was running at 60 kph at the time.

The tracks are not fenced off in the area.

The train was stopped at the site for two-and-a-half hours.