Revered jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino grabbed a schoolboy musician by the hair and slapped him twice across the face for playing an excessively long drum solo.

The 74-year-old blew his top during a school concert involving about 40 students in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward on Aug. 20.

Hino has now been given a slap on the wrist by the ward’s board of education, which organized the show.

The board described Hino's attack as "excessive instruction" and requested to the musician's office that the internationally acclaimed trumpeter refrain from any violent acts, meaning "don't do it again."

The junior high school student suffered no permanent injuries from the roughing up.

When the concert finished, Hino explained to the boy’s parents that he “tried to stop the student since his solo part went on too long,” according to people in the know.

Ward Mayor Nobuto Hosaka said: “We have already urged Hino not to behave this way again.”

He added that the boy's parents were “grateful to Hino” and “want the musician not to quit.”

The concert was given as part of a "learning through doing" school program, according to the education board.

The students had practiced for about four months under the instruction of Hino for the concert.