Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, and her fiance, Kei Komuro, hold a news conference on their engagement at the Akasaka Estate in Tokyo on Sept 3. (Provided by the Imperial Household Agency)

Princess Mako said she was initially attracted by Kei Komuro’s “bright smile like a sun."

Komuro maintained the heavenly love theme by saying Mako was a person who “watches over him calmly like the moon.”

The loving couple were expressing their delight over their engagement at a news conference at the imperial family's Akasaka Estate in Tokyo on Sept. 3.

Mako, the eldest daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, and Komuro first met as first-year students at International Christian University in Tokyo.

At first they just casually greeted each other when passing by, but became close when they attended a briefing session for exchange students at the university in 2012. That's when the magic of love was brewed and before they both went abroad as exchange students they started dating.

Marriage was something they had in their mind right from these early days.

“Both of us had an understanding that we should date someone we might one day marry,” said Mako, the oldest of Emperor Akihito's four grandchildren.

When the princess, in a fetching mint green dress, was asked about what her fiance means to her, she described Komuro as a person who warmly encourages her.

Initially enamored by his scintillating smile, she later became attracted to his earnest nature and his attitude of working hard at life with good faith and a strong will. She was also moved by how open he is.

After the flame of romance was lit, Mako left for Britain while Komuro went to the United States to continue their studies. They kept in touch after going abroad.

In December 2013, Komuro proposed to Mako after returning to Japan.

“I accepted his proposal right there and then as I already set my mind (on marrying him),” said Mako.

Komuro, dressed in a navy blue suit, expressed his feelings toward the princess, shared his experiences from his days with her, and said when he sees a beautiful moon in the night sky, he instinctively calls for Mako.

Komuro said he was strongly attracted to Mako and described her as a loving person.

In a moment of light relief, Mako fended off a question over the names they use for one another.

“I would like to refrain from saying here what we call each other (in private),” she said bashfully. But she then added, “We call each other by our first names.”

As for marrying an imperial family member, Komuro said, "I recognize seriously that I bear a grave responsibility.”

Komuro, from Yokohama, is working at a Tokyo law firm. His duties include translating contracts from Japanese into English. In addition, he is studying business law at the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy in the evening.

“I think it’s important for me to seriously go about my work and study right now,” said Komuro when asked about his dreams and goals for the future.

(This article was written by Akiko Tada and Ayako Nakada.)