Photo/IllutrationA new restroom for women at Narita Airport (Atsuo Negishi)

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  • Photo/Illustraion

NARITA, Chiba Prefecture--Narita Airport is spending 5 billion yen ($45.76 million) to replace its 147 toilet facilities with cleaner, more comfortable ones in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The airport operator has begun remodeling the restrooms to provide a warm welcome for visitors who intend to watch the Games.

Difficult-to-use traditional squat toilets will be replaced with Western-style ones, and all toilets will be equipped with the warm water bidet feature.

The remodeling work will be complete by March 2020.

Narita Airport will also introduce voice guidance systems, L-shaped handrails and other universal design fittings so that disabled people can more easily use the restrooms.

The 11 busiest restrooms will be outfitted with cutting-edge technologies. Some will boast bigger booths that can fit large baggage, and changing boards and other equipment will be set up in others.

The largest stall will measure as much as 5 square meters. The doors of standard-size toilet booths will be 80 centimeters wide so that people in wheelchairs will be able to use them.

“Features (such as powder space) will be set up in multiple locations in a restroom based on predictions on how toilet users move,” said Akio Kamada, facility maintenance manager of Narita International Airport Corp.