Photo/IllutrationGay YouTuber Kazue-chan, 34 (Photo by Naoko Kawamura)

He calls himself Kazue-chan in his YouTube videos, “chan” being a suffix typically expressing endearment and used for children, close friends or even pets.

He's a "YouTuber"--the name given to people who create and post videos on YouTube to earn advertising revenue.

He always starts his footage by saying, “Hi, I am Kazue-chan” while waving his hands. And he's gay.

“I used to be frightened of declaring myself to be gay,” Kazue-chan said. “But people around me now accept me the way I am.”

Kazue-chan posts a video of himself asking more than a hundred sexual minorities whether they have told their families about their sexual status. The results show 60 percent of them have not admitted it.

“People often say there are no (sexual minorities) around them, but they believe so just because those individuals cannot come out of the closet,” says Kazue-chan in one video.

His videos have received a total of more than 4.4 million views, while 40,000 viewers have subscribed to his channel. The number of subscribers is an indicator of the popularity of YouTubers.

Kazue-chan said he has had the ability to speak fluently and gently in front of people since childhood, because he wanted to lead conversations away from discussing his personal life.

“I was afraid that people may ask about my love affairs,” Kazue-chan said.

Kazue-chan moved to Canada when he was 30. When he stopped hiding his sexual identity there, he felt as if he had shed his emotional armor.

“Everyone has the right to live their own lives,” he said.

After returning to Japan, Kazue-chan began posting videos on YouTube in July last year, which is popular especially among young people, and has received messages from youngsters who face the same battles as himself.

“I want to tell children that ‘you can live the way you are,’ ” said Kazue-chan.