An art exhibition devoted to Makoto Shinkai, who directed last year's blockbuster hit "Your Name.," will open on Nov. 11 at the National Art Center, Tokyo in the capital’s Roppongi district.

Hosted by The Asahi Shimbun and other organizations, the “Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto” will trace the director's creative trajectory by covering all his commercial movies ranging from his debut film “The Voices of a Distant Star” to “Your Name.”

“By looking at the exhibits, I, too, hope that I may make discoveries like why I made that movie at the time,” Shinkai, 44, said during a presentation event held Sept. 7 at the museum.

The traveling exhibition, which initially opened at Ooka Makoto Kotoba Museum in Shizuoka Prefecture, is currently running at the Koumi-Machi Kogen Museum of Art in Nagano Prefecture until Oct. 29.

The Tokyo edition will be almost two times larger, with the exhibition to be held in a venue with a floor space of 2,000 square meters.

A section where visitors can view footage from Shinkai’s six theatrically released films produced after he made his directorial debut will be set up at the venue. The exhibition will also feature his original drawings and storyboards to unveil the production processes, in addition to analyzing his films by focusing on the motif and theme commonly found in each of his works.

In addition, to offer insights into the behind-the-scenes of film production, the art event will also explore Shinkai’s aesthetic by not only highlighting the CGI technologies but also conducting research in his hometown of Koumi, Nagano Prefecture. The exhibition will also show how his works are received around the world, as well as screening his early short films, commercials and other footage.

In total, the event will feature more than 1,000 exhibits.

“Fans will be exhausted,” a museum official predicted.

An audio guide narrated by actor Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays one of the main characters in “Your Name.,” will be available.

“I’m looking forward to hearing his commentary in his real-life voice,” Shinkai said.

The Tokyo edition will run until Dec. 18. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.

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The exhibition will also be held at the Sapporo Art Museum in Sapporo from Jan. 3 to Feb. 25, 2018, and at the Kita-Kyushu Manga Museum in Fukuoka Prefecture from July 21 to Sept. 24, 2018.