Photo/IllutrationFukuoka prefectural police display some of the AKB48 CDs discarded in June on a mountain in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture. (Komitsu Nakanishi)

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DAZAIFU, Fukuoka Prefecture--A bumbling fan of AKB48 has admitted to dumping hundreds of CDs here following a cross-country plot to sway the annual popularity contest of the all-female idol group, police said Oct. 16.

Fukuoka prefectural police said the fan, a 32-year-old company employee living here, had his case sent to prosecutors on suspicion of illegally discarding 585 CD singles of the group in a mountainous area of Dazaifu in June.

According to police, the suspect only wanted the serial numbers printed on each of the CDs. Those numbers are used by fans to vote for their favorite members of the group, a contest that has turned into a major event in recent years. The results of the vote determine which members are allowed to sing the main single of the next CD.

The CDs were among around 1,000 originally purchased by a man living in Chiba Prefecture who also wanted the serial numbers to vote in the popularity contest, police said.

The Chiba fan contacted the Dazaifu resident to coordinate voting before the run-up to the contest, which was held in June this year in Okinawa Prefecture.

About 20 cardboard boxes filled with the 1,000 CDs were mailed from Chiba Prefecture to Fukuoka Prefecture. The Dazaifu resident and three other AKB48 fans opened the boxes on the evening of June 9, according to police.

After using the serial numbers to vote, the Dazaifu man tried to take about 11 cardboard boxes holding some of the CDs to his home. But he did not know where to keep the CDs, so he simply threw them away on a mountain, according to police.

A local resident on a stroll came across the “treasure” on June 12.

It didn’t take police long to find their first lead in the case. The name and contact number of the man in Chiba Prefecture had been left on one of the cardboard boxes.